Can I refill ink cartridges in new printers?

Episode 1063 (1:35:59)

Ken from Long Beach, CA

Ken wants to refill his ink cartridges, but has heard that there are now chips in printers that prevent you from using it after refilling it with ink. Leo says that it is true. In many printers, you can't use third party cartridges. It's anti competitive, but the printers are so cheap, they make their living on selling the ink. So as long as Ken is refilling the same cartridges and can reset the cartridge chip, it should work. The printer also reads the chip in the cartridge and knows when it's out of ink. So it could be a problem on that end as well. Some printers replace the head as well as the ink.

Leo doesn't recommend refilling anyway. It's a mess and it's never really the same quality.