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Episode 1063 March 8, 2014

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Ron from Boston, MA Comments

Ron's wife has an iPad 2 and he wants to know if upgrading to iOS 7 will be a big deal for her. Leo says that once the iPad is updated, she won't be able to go back. There is an iOS 6 update that covers the gotofail bug, but it isn't covered with the iPad. So Leo says the best thing she can do is just be cautious of her online behavior.

Leo suggests turning on two factor authentication with everything. The Bank, her email, and Paypal to name a few. That way, if someone tries to steal her info with a man in the middle attack, she'll get a notice via text with a code. Then they can't change her password.

Watch Ron from Downey, CA Comments

Ron checks out eBooks on his PC and he's now getting popups demanding that he install a Media Player 12.2. Leo says that it may also be a malware installer or adware that's trying to dupe him into installing it. He should just ignore it. Leo says they are so annoying and malicious, it should be considered malware. It's also likely that Ron has a Browser hijacker on his PC. He should go into "add/remove programs" or the "programs/features" control panel and uninstall anything he doesn't recognize. Leo also recommends he stop running his computer as an administrator. Run as a limited user on Windows or Standard user on OS X. That will prevent any software from installing. This is also great if he has kids.

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Watch Ron from Downey, CA Comments

Ron wants to know how he can download Google Maps for offline access on his Google Nexus 7 tablet. The chatroom says if he types "OK Maps" into the search box of the Maps app, it will cache the map for him. He can also scroll down to the bottom and select "make this area map available offline." Google says the device storage capacity may limit the size of an area to be cached, and some areas aren't available for this.

The chatroom says NavFreeUSA is another app in Google Play for doing this. Leo Likes MotionX GPS for offline maps on iPhone.

Ron also wants to know if he can get longitude and latitude from Google Maps. Doctor Mom in the chatroom says there's a tech note on how to do that at

Watch Brett from New Jersey Comments

Brett wants to get a good router for under $100. Leo says that he likes DLink, and they also have a great router for travel called the Pocket Router. This will charge a phone and act as a hotspot for all wireless devices. Leo uses an Apple Airport Extreme though, which is more expensive, but works really well.

Watch Craig from Vista, CA Comments

Craig has a ton of adware on his PC from installing software. Leo can't stress enough how important it is to be careful where he gets software. Since he doesn't really know what he has, he could have opened himself up to far more bad things. Leo suggests turning off all extensions, deleting them from his extensions folder, and running as a limited user. Look in "add/remove programs" for entries he doesn't recognize and remove them.

Craig also tried to use a system restore and it won't work. Leo says that's a sure sign of malware and viruses. He can try using MalwareBytes to remove it, as well as the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. Since Craig is running Windows 8, he could upgrade to 8.1 and that may work. But if it blocks the update, he should just backup his data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source.

Craig can also check out for tips and tricks for removing malware. The chatroom says is another option. It unchecks unrelated offers that installers try and slip by you.

Watch Josslyn from Pasadena, CA Comments

Josslyn is looking to replace her XP Desktop with a laptop. Her son has a MacBook Pro and he really likes it. Leo says that it's important to stay within the family as they can be her support system. So a MacBook Pro would be a good idea. An even better idea is the MacBook Air because of it's long battery life and super light form factor. If she's not going to take it anywhere, then the MacBook Pro is a good idea, especially the one with the retina display.

Of course, if all she's going to do is email and surfing, then a Chromebook would be a great option if she's on a budget. Samsung has a new one that's pretty fast and has great battery life. For Windows, Leo likes the Acer S7. The Dell XPS13 is nice as well.

Watch Ken from Long Beach, CA Comments

Ken wants to refill his ink cartridges, but has heard that there are now chips in printers that prevent you from using it after refilling it with ink. Leo says that it is true. In many printers, you can't use third party cartridges. It's anti competitive, but the printers are so cheap, they make their living on selling the ink. So as long as Ken is refilling the same cartridges and can reset the cartridge chip, it should work. The printer also reads the chip in the cartridge and knows when it's out of ink. So it could be a problem on that end as well. Some printers replace the head as well as the ink.

Leo doesn't recommend refilling anyway. It's a mess and it's never really the same quality.

Watch Rusty from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Rusty got a new iPad, but his favorite reader, Stanza, has been pulled. Leo says that's too bad because Stanza was a great reader. Rusty is also annoyed because he bought it. Leo says that there's a Wikipedia article that compares all the eBook reader software. Leo does like the Kindle reader. KYBook Reader is good. It supports just about everything. The chatroom says that Marvin is quite good.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Ron from Ventura, CA Comments

Ron bought a MacBook Pro. It's his first Mac. It was working great and then a month later, he started getting error messages and crashes. He backed it up and took it to the Apple Store to have it looked at. It came back without Bootcamp on it and they never figured out what was wrong after several trips back. Leo had a similar problem with his Mac Pro and they discovered it was bad RAM. It sounds like Ron's problem could be similar. It could also be the the hard drive. It's very difficult to find an intermittent problem.

Leo says Ron should insist they replace the whole computer since he's brought it in several times. If they don't, Leo says Ron should write a letter to:

Tim Cook
CEO at Apple,
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA

Tell him the problem and that he's wasted time with Apple trying to track it down and it should be replaced. Leo believes Ron will get satisfaction as Cook's office will assign someone to follow up. Also, Tweet about it to Apple. Be nice and respectful.

Watch Ray from Tennessee Comments

Ray has a friend who just bought a MacBook Air and he's having trouble connecting to his Canon wireless printer. He can print when it's hardwired, but not wirelessly. Leo says that he's used a Canon Pixma wireless printer for years. The question is, will it print with any other computer? If so, then it isn't a network issue. Leo says to remove the printer and then add it again. It may have had a problem when it was first added. Leo also recommends using the Apple drivers as opposed to the separate drivers from Canon.

Watch Betsy from Clairmont, CA Comments

Betsy likes to play online poker. Leo says that the best way to learn how to play poker is online, although you can't play for money anymore in the US. Betsy says she's having trouble getting online and doesn't have internet in her building. Can she use her cellphone? Leo says that Betsy can use a MiFi card from Verizon. Then she could use that to go online via 4G.

Watch Ron from West Hollywood, CA Comments

Ron is getting email popups from the "FBI." Leo says the FBI would never email him, they'd visit him directly. He thinks it's probably someone trying to turn him off from his ex, like a roommate or a new boyfriend. If the emails get more aggressive, including death threats, then Leo advises going to the police and showing them the emails. If he feels he's in danger, he should have the right to be protected.

Watch Colin from Scotland Comments

Colin wants to know about Evernote. Leo says that Evernote is an amazing app and it's free. He can buy a premium version, but it's not really necessary. It will allow him to sync all of his devices in the cloud. He can insert images, video, sound, and more. It's a great app. Lifehacker has some great tips on how to best use it.

Watch Tony from Tustin, CA Comments

Tony has an Apple TV and other Apple products and wants to know about Google's Chromecast.

Leo says Chromecast can be used as a compliment, but not a replacement for AppleTV. If he has a good internet connection, then Chromecast can give him 4K resolution. It's easy to control using an iPhone. And at $35, it's a great deal. It is a bit limited in what can support it at the moment, but more and more apps are coming online now.

Another option is the Roku, which just came out with a new version of it's streaming stick for $50. But the best quality on Netflix is usually Apple TV.