Is there a utility that would actually speed up my computer?

Episode 1062 (1:16:19)

Joe from Bellflower, CA

Joe's computer is slowing down and he'd like to buy HP's speed up program. Leo says that Joe needs to be sure he's getting it from HP and not a third party because it could be malware. Leo says even a utility from HP is just a way to sell him something he doesn't need. The best thing to do is just do an annual format and reinstall. It will refresh the drive and get rid of all the "cruft" or bit rot that builds up over time. So John should backup his data, format the hard drive, reinstall Windows, and update it completely.

Another idea is to check out his Task Manager and AutoRuns from Microsoft. These are great tools that will help him see what's slowing down his PC. CCleaner can clean up his hard drive by deleting temp cache files and it can also clean his registry. The registry cleaning could come back to bite him as it can often delete registry keys the computer needs to operate.