Is it possible to run Windows XP safely online using an antivirus program?

Episode 1062 (2:00:44)

Midnight Rider from Unknown City

Midnight Rider works for a city that runs on Windows XP. They are going to be running antivirus on their computers after Microsoft ends support for Windows XP, and he's wondering if that's going to be adequate. Leo says the antivirus, including Microsoft's own antivirus program will still be kept up to date. However, it won't protect against a user installing software that could be malicious.

Leo says that any Windows XP computer that's connected to the internet after the April 8 support deadline will be a security nightmare, and is at grave risk. But if it's absolutely necessary to run Windows XP, Leo suggests making sure every computer is in "standard user" mode, not administrator. They should also be running behind a secure firewall, which they may be doing already. They should also make sure not to run Internet Explorer, and use Google Chrome instead.