How can I watch the Oscars without cable or satellite?

Episode 1062 (16:52)

Jim from Chino Hills, CA

Jim just got a new LCD TV but doesn't get the cable service until Tuesday. He'd like to watch the Oscars. Leo says that ABC is going to stream the Oscars live, but only for those who subscribe to cable or satellite. He would have to log in to watch it over the Internet.

The other option is to get an antenna. He should check out to see what channels are available in his area. The benefit is that broadcast high definition is less compressed and actually is the best quality. Another website to check is This will give him information on what channels are available in his area as well.

The Chatroom says the Weingard Flatwave Amped Antenna does an amazing job getting channels that other antennas simply can't get. It's available at Costco for about $40. is another good source.