Why can't I install a custom recovery mod on my Galaxy SIV?

Episode 1061 (1:49:49)

Grant from Los Angeles, CA

Grant rooted his Samsung Galaxy SIV AT&T Android phone and now he can't install a custom recovery mod. He got the information on how to do it through XDA-Developers forum. Leo says that Grant may have a locked boot loader that's causing the issue. Leo adds that Samsung's firmware prevents other custom firmware from being added. It's all of the Samsung junk that Grant wants to get rid of.

Leo says that spending more time at XDA and talking to those who have gone before him will be the best way. Grant also has to be sure that he's using the exact mod designed for his particular phone.

Ultimately, Leo recommends buying the Google Play edition of Android phones, because those do not come with additional software installed by the manufacturer. They are pure Google phones.