Can I get a docking station for my MacBook Pro?

Episode 1061 (36:59)

Bob from Hisperia, CA

Bob is replacing a PC laptop and docking station with a 13" Mac Pro with Retina. He needs docking stations on both ends with external monitors and network connections. Leo says that Apple doesn't do docking stations anymore. Thunderbolt monitors will handle the external part with connectors for keyboards and monitors. All he'll need to do is plug it in. He won't even have to open the MacBook Pro. Leo says he can get a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to handle a third party monitor, but he won't get the benefit of power. Plus dual monitors can be tricky.

There are third party docking stations, but they don't always work right and Leo has been underwhelmed by the ones that do. The Chatroom says that the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock may work, but it's $200. Still, it will handle multiple monitors and may be just what Bob is looking for. There's also the Zendock, which connects right into the MacBook Pro ports.

Bob also wants to know what Leo thinks about Time Machine. Leo says he's not much of a fan for advanced uses, but for basic backup it works. An external hard drive that he can just copy files to will work just as well.