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Episode 1061 March 1, 2014

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Audience Questions

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Watch Tom from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Tom has been getting spam email from people who have had their email address hacked. Leo says that there are programs that can be used to spoof random email addresses since email programs have a "reply to" section that can be used with any email address. So it's likely the email address wasn't hacked, but that someone is just spoofing them. Leo says to use GMail because they have better security. Google's spam filter is far better because it's collaborative. So Tom should report it and then it'll get blocked. Unfortunately, though, the spammers will move on to another email address sooner or later.

Watch Bob from Hisperia, CA Comments

Bob is replacing a PC laptop and docking station with a 13" Mac Pro with Retina. He needs docking stations on both ends with external monitors and network connections. Leo says that Apple doesn't do docking stations anymore. Thunderbolt monitors will handle the external part with connectors for keyboards and monitors. All he'll need to do is plug it in. He won't even have to open the MacBook Pro. Leo says he can get a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to handle a third party monitor, but he won't get the benefit of power. Plus dual monitors can be tricky.

There are third party docking stations, but they don't always work right and Leo has been underwhelmed by the ones that do. The Chatroom says that the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock may work, but it's $200. Still, it will handle multiple monitors and may be just what Bob is looking for. There's also the Zendock, which connects right into the MacBook Pro ports.

Bob also wants to know what Leo thinks about Time Machine. Leo says he's not much of a fan for advanced uses, but for basic backup it works. An external hard drive that he can just copy files to will work just as well.

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Watch Conrad from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Conrad has a Mac and he's having trouble with his hybrid hard drive. He's tried formatting and partitioning it using Disk Utility and he gets an "can't allocate memory" error. Leo says it sounds like a bad hybrid drive. The fact that it's a hybrid drive shouldn't matter because the hybrid part is handled internally by the drive circuitry. It should appear as a single drive to Mac OS X.

Here's an article Leo found on upgrading a MacBook Pro to a Seagate hybrid drive:

Watch Ron from Little Rock, AR Comments

Ron has a PC that runs XP and wants to use Linux when he wants to go online. Should he worry about any XP programs sneaking online if he dual boots? Leo says no, there won't be any crossovers. There are some programs that Linux can run that run on Windows, but none that go online. Just don't forget to only go online with Linux and not Windows XP!

Watch Roland from Burbank, CA Comments

Roland is moving to Denver Colorado and he's concerned about how his plasma TVs will handle the change in altitude. The chatroom has come up with an article on how high Plasma TVs can go, and it may be a problem. It largely depends on what plasma TV Roland has and how old it is. Leo advises checking with the manufacturer. LCD TVs don't have that issue.

Watch Jerry from Fort Myers, FL Comments

Jerry is trying to update OS X Tiger to Snow Leopard and he's getting an error saying the computer can't handle it. Leo says that's a common issue and it depends on how old the Mac is. Leo advises going to to check what the highest level OS a given Mac can take. According to that, it's OS 10.7.5. So Jerry shouldn't have an issue with Snow Leopard. Jerry should try Lion instead. It is the most recent that he can use.

Leo also says to download the copy on another Mac and then copy the Install Lion file to a USB Key and see if it'll install from there. The chatroom says that Snow Leopard should run fine. Leo says that it may be rejecting it because Apple is no longer supporting it and doesn't want users to use an unsupported version.

The Chatroom also says that the Apple Store will do it for him if he just buys the OS upgrade from them. Jerry should make an appointment with a Genius.

Watch Lou from San Diego, CA Comments

Lou has an iPhone 5 and has been hesitating upgrading to iOS7, so he hasn't. Leo says that Apple will be releasing iOS 7.1 soon, so it may be wise to just wait a little bit longer. Lou also wants to know why the Lightning connector doesn't work all the time. Leo says that if Lou bought it from a third party, that could be the issue. If it's not charging, it may be that Lou is connecting to a USB port that doesn't have enough juice running through it. USB adapters have different amps. Anything less than 5v x 1 amp, it won't charge. The iPad requires 5.1 v x 2.1 amps.

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Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sam has a website, but he'd like to move to SquareSpace. Will it affect his Google ranking to change web hosts? Leo says that as long as Sam doesn't change the URL, it won't. The web ranking is tied to the domain name itself. In fact, a good web host will have tools that will help Sam improve his web ranking. Things like Site Maps, for instance. Leo says Sam can change domain registrars as well if he wants.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Leo says that the Pebble Steel is pretty slick. It looks like a watch and works with Android. The Galaxy Gear watch only works with the Note III. Sam should keep in mind that the Pebble can't work as a headset. He can't talk on it, it only would let him know the phone is ringing.

Watch Grant from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Grant rooted his Samsung Galaxy SIV AT&T Android phone and now he can't install a custom recovery mod. He got the information on how to do it through XDA-Developers forum. Leo says that Grant may have a locked boot loader that's causing the issue. Leo adds that Samsung's firmware prevents other custom firmware from being added. It's all of the Samsung junk that Grant wants to get rid of.

Leo says that spending more time at XDA and talking to those who have gone before him will be the best way. Grant also has to be sure that he's using the exact mod designed for his particular phone.

Ultimately, Leo recommends buying the Google Play edition of Android phones, because those do not come with additional software installed by the manufacturer. They are pure Google phones.

Watch David from Northridge, CA Comments

David wants to backup all his photos in Google. Leo says to install Google Plus on the mobile phone and then turn it on in the iPhone or Android. Then they'll automatically upload.

Watch Tom from Brea, CA Comments

Tom likes Windows 8 and saw that Microsoft may be giving away Windows 8.1. Leo heard that and they pretty much give away 8.1 to people who own Windows 8 already. It would be a clever move to do so, but Leo can't really imagine them doing that since Microsoft is a software company, unless they're reinventing themselves again. It just barely passed Windows Vista in market saturation. People just don't trust it because the word went out that Windows 8 is terrible.

Watch Bruce from Beaumont, CA Comments

Bruce upgraded to Windows 8.1 and he gets a message that he doesn't have a driver for his WiMax wireless receiver, but he still has access to the Internet. Leo says that Bruce is using the Windows wireless driver. So that's why it worked.