Are all new laptops carrying Windows 8?

Episode 1060 (2:02:04)

Jeff from Simi Valley, CA

Jeff is looking for a new laptop and all he sees are models with Windows 8. Leo says that's true and it's likely because Microsoft is moving to a touch based system. Leo says that's the trend and moving forward, all laptops will have it. If he's getting a laptop, he may as well get one that has a touch screen because of Windows 8. But he can still get some Windows 7 machines. Dell carries them currently, but this will stop October 31.

Jeff is concerned his old printer won't have drivers under Windows 8. Leo says that printers are really, really cheap, and he could just get a new one. So that's really not an issue. He can always run the Windows compatibility checker on his printer to see if it'll be supported. He should also check his printer manufacturers' site for new drivers. Then he can use Office 365 or Microsoft Office online. What about buying Word separately? Leo says it's cheaper to buy the entire suite these days.