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Watch David from Reseda, CA Comments

David bought a refurbished Vizio HDTV and after a few hours of using it, it started to smell. Leo says that really shouldn't happen to the degree that David smells it. His fear is that it will start smoking. Leo's advice is to never buy refurbished devices from a third party. Only buy refurbished from the manufacturer directly. The capacitors may be leaking oil and when heated, could cause the smell. If that's leaking, then it's definitely going to fail. David should try taking it back.

Watch Eric from Corona, CA Comments

Eric has a RAID 5 server that has had two drives fail and he needs some data recovery services. Leo says he doesn't know if data recovery is even possible if more than one disc dies. If a large enough chunk of data was lost, there's just no way to get it back. But it will largely depend on how it failed. A controller could've gone bad, and that could be an easy fix and the data could still be there. This is why one backup isn't much of a backup.

As for a service, try DriveSavers. They do an excellent job. They're not cheap, but if anyone can get the data back, they can.

Watch Michael from Long Beach, CA Comments

Michael has a ton of IDX files of his images. Are they safe to delete? Leo says yes, generally. It'll make searching more of a challenge, but it won't endanger the images at all. Leo says that he imports all the images to Lightroom, then he'll sync to two external hard drives. Then he takes that second hard drive to work and swaps it out every other week. That way he always has an off-site backup.

To sync his files, he can use one of the following programs:

Watch Michael from Long Beach, CA Comments

Michael added a 2TB drive into his old Windows XP machine and installed Windows 7 on it. Now his computer won't boot to the drive with Windows 7 on it. Leo says he'll need to tell the computer that the Windows 7 drive is the boot drive. When he boots to XP, though, he can't see all of his hard drives. Leo says it could be that the hard drive is too big and XP can't see it.

Leo suggests just switching the drives around, so the new drive is plugged into the same connector the old drive was. He can also switch the boot order in the BIOS. He now has a dual boot machine with Windows XP and Windows 7. Windows 7 Pro actually has Windows XP emulation as well, so he could just use that instead of switching to the XP install. Leo recommends not using Windows XP online after April 8, which is when Microsoft will stop supporting it with security fixes.

Watch Jeff from Simi Valley, CA Comments

Jeff is looking for a new laptop and all he sees are models with Windows 8. Leo says that's true and it's likely because Microsoft is moving to a touch based system. Leo says that's the trend and moving forward, all laptops will have it. If he's getting a laptop, he may as well get one that has a touch screen because of Windows 8. But he can still get some Windows 7 machines. Dell carries them currently, but this will stop October 31.

Jeff is concerned his old printer won't have drivers under Windows 8. Leo says that printers are really, really cheap, and he could just get a new one. So that's really not an issue. He can always run the Windows compatibility checker on his printer to see if it'll be supported. He should also check his printer manufacturers' site for new drivers. Then he can use Office 365 or Microsoft Office online. What about buying Word separately? Leo says it's cheaper to buy the entire suite these days.

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Watch Josh from Cincinnati, OH Comments

Between Leo and Kevin Smith, Josh is now inspired to start his own podcast. Leo says that Kevin has his own empire much like Leo does with multiple shows that the world can enjoy without having to invest heavily in radio transmitters. Leo says he needs to be realistic because he really won't make much money from it, and that shouldn't be his focus. He should focus on what his passion is. Do it for fun, and he can build an audience bit by bit. Leo also says he can partner with people who need his skills that he shares a passion with. Then he can expand his reach.

Rode makes an excellent mic called the Rode Podcaster. The Blue Yeti is another great option. If he wants to do video, he can harness YouTube's free bandwidth. He can also use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to promote it. He doesn't need to ask permission from anyone anymore.

Josh should also check out ShoutEngine, which offers great hosting for podcasters.

Watch John from Melbourne Beach, FL Comments

John got an old Macintosh SE and he keeps going through hard drives. Where can he find more of them? Leo says that the hard drives he's using are old and used and just plain worn out, since the Mac SE is 30 years old. eBay may be a good way to find those. Leo also recommends, and Since it has an external SCSI port, Leo says that John could use a more modern drive with a SCSI interface. Then he could daisy chain it.

Watch Ed from Mizzoula, MT Comments

Ed wants to know about the Netflix and Comcast deal and how it will affect users of the services. Leo says that Netflix has agreed to pay Comcast for access to it's customers without buffering. Suddenly, over the last few months, the service was unwatchable on Comcast because of constant buffering. Leo wonders if Comcast intentionally slowed down Netflix traffic to blackmail them for extra money. Comcast is now double dipping, getting payment from users, and from providers for the same traffic. This is pretty anti competitive. Time Warner, Verizon and AT&T are now doing the same type of thing. So that will ultimately translate to smaller guys getting throttled as well, which is just not right. It doesn't help that the current chairman of the FCC is a former cable lobbyist.

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Watch Hammid from Danbury, CT Comments

Hammid made a video on his phone and wants to upload it to YouTube. Leo says it's never been easier to upload to YouTube. He just has to log into YouTube through the settings of his phone and then share it straight from the phone. Or, he could just connect to iTunes, get the video off it, and then upload it. YouTube also has an app to do this. Hammid could use the YouTube Capture app, which will shoot the video and upload it automatically.

Watch Dave from Hamilton, MT Comments

Dave has a Motorola Razr M and he got a new bluetooth headset, but one day it just stopped working with voice command. Leo says to look into the Android settings. There should be an option that says "ignore voice command," which could be enabled. He should also check Google Now. Leo says it's likely Android got updated and now he probably has to opt into Google Now to make it work.

Watch Richard from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Richard wants to start a video podcast but his camera audio is terrible. Leo says that all on camera microphones are awful. He could get an external microphone, though, and Leo recommends the Rode Stereo Video Mic. This will fit on the hot shoe and plug right into the external mic jack. Leo's guess is that Richard just got a bad microphone.

Will Magic Lantern help the audio? Leo says probably not. It gives him more capability, sure, but won't necessarily improve the audio quality.

Watch Joe from New York Comments

Joe wants to know how to wipe the information from his Ford Sync. How do you "DBan" a car? Leo says that's a good question. The only thing he can do is clear the GPS, and use the on board utilities to empty his data. But even then it's not completely gone, and it may be that he can't completely wipe everything.