What HDTV should I get?

Episode 1059 (17:58)

Asher from Toronto, ONT CAN

Asher's parents are getting a new TV and he gets to choose what he wants. There's not a lot of TVs to choose from, however. He's looking at the LG 55" 120Hz 3D LED Smart TV for $1200. Leo says that's a good TV. He also adds that the 120Hz isn't all that important: in fact, it can create a "plastic" look. It's still a good choice, though.

He's also looking at a Samsung 60" Plasma. Leo says that's comparable. The only real difference is where the TV is going to be located. For a plasma, he'd want to be in a darkened room. If he can do that, it is better. If he has to put it in a room with ambient light, LCD may be a better choice. Since Asher can't darken the room, the LG LCD is a better solution.