Johnny Jet

Episode 1059 (1:15:46)

Johnny Jet uses WhatsApp and it was created by the founder of a website called FlyerTalk. This is why it's so popular internationally, because it handles languages quite well. With the Winter Olympics going on, Johnny has a few more apps to check out - Ski and Snow Report. Available in iOS and Android.

Johnny has recently been criticizing the airlines' pushing credit cards during the flight. Johnny says he isn't against getting a pitch, but when they do it while you're trying to sleep, that's another issue. He says they should just do it all at the beginning. Johnny also wrote an article about how the airlines give out so much information, that it's essentially useless to the untrained traveler eye. It's also bad for people who want to be private in their travel, even giving information on who's flying standby or getting an upgrade.

Johnny also wrote a piece on how New York City taxi drivers are ripping off customers for very high tipping percentages that start at 20%.

Here's a great deal: LA to Anchorage in August at $256 round trip.