Why is my Mac slower with OS X Mavericks?

Episode 1058 (1:43:41)

Dan from Montclair, NJ

Dan installed OS X Mavericks on his 2009 MacBook Pro and he says he's taken a "speed hit" with a lot of beach balls. Leo says it's best to try and do a clean install to eliminate any rogue fragments of the old OS. If that doesn't fix it, then it may be that the internal drive is starting to get a bit flakey, especially since Dan also booted from a backup external hard drive which worked fine. It may be time to get his data off and replace that hard drive.

Leo advises going to MacSales.com, then head over to iFixIt for videos on how to best do it. While he's at it, why not spring for an SSD? It'll speed up his computer dramatically.