What Nikon camera should I buy for my daughter?

Episode 1058 (2:19:27)

Dean from Silverthorn, CO
Nikon camera

Dean is looking to get his daughter a DSLR with Wi-Fi, and wants to know the best option: the Nikon D3200 or the Nikon D5200. Leo says that both are excellent platforms. The D5200 is probably more expensive because it has more megapixels. But the truth is, get the one he can afford. The real big expense is the lenses, and either will take Nikon glass. Since the D5200 is about to be replaced with the D5300, that's probably a better bargain price-wise. The D5300 isn't that much of an upgrade, also.

How fast is the burst mode? About 5 fps. And the video is very good on it.