How can I backup and organize my photos?

Episode 1058 (1:04:21)

Armand from Los Angeles, CA

Armand is a photographer and he's constantly backing up his images and is afraid he's going to lose data. Leo says that it's a constant battle with photographers, which is why he recommends having a 3-2-1 backup strategy. Three backups, on two different forms of media, with one off site. Peter Krogh talks about it at, in his Digital Asset Management (The DAM Book), and his book "Orangizing Your Photos for Lightroom 5.

Armand is wondering if he should get a Drobo. Leo says Drobo is a great option because he can replace a hard drive and rebuild the RAID backup. However, it's proprietary and there's other options including Synology and ReadyNAS. Leo's favorite is Synology. The key is to use RAID 5.

Chris Marquardt chimes in and says that he uses Synology for his local NAS, plus Amazon Glacier as his off site backup. Leo says that Glacier is an interesting idea because the data isn't frequently accessed and can't be accessed right away, but within a few hours. So they can charge about .01 a GB for it, which is a great idea.