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Watch Joshua from Nashville, TN Comments

Joshua has a YouTube channel he's proud of, but he's not happy with his view counts. Leo says that view counts can lag behind on YouTube if they come in too fast. If he's actually talking about overall subscriptions and viewership, there's a misconception due to the success of videos that go viral. Viral views are an unrealistic barometer. Leo also says that we overestimate the value of a YouTube view because we don't know how YouTube counts views or how often a video is viewed multiple times. How could he make it go viral? Humor is a good method.

Markus Brownley (MKBHD on YouTube) is a great example of how to build an audience, as is PewDeePie. It really comes down to content. Great content is half the battle, then he has to get the word out. Social media can help, as would crossovers with other YouTube stars who can introduce him to a new audience. If he can create great content, in the end he'll win.

There's a great article about chasing YouTube success in the New York Times. It's hard work, and frankly, Leo isn't much of a fan of the YouTube model.

Check out Joshua's YouTube site here:

Watch Aurelia from Riverside, CA Comments

Aurelia has a 2007 MacBook Pro and wants to know if OS X Mavericks would work on it. Leo says it's right on the edge and it depends. It may actually come down to RAM. 2GB of RAM is a bit light. Even if it will install, it may be slower, not faster, and it would be difficult to go backwards. Apple's recommendations call for 2008 or later. Leo recommends going with Lion, but no later. It's really time to start saving up for a new Mac.

Watch Karen from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Karen's husband bought an old Wang word processor on eBay that he got working. He's also written a Kindle book called "69 Things I Do With My Wang" using Amazon's CreateSpace. Leo says that Wang hit it's peak right as the personal computer came on the scene in 1986 and crushed it. It wasn't until 1992 that Wang saw the handwriting on the wall and filed bankruptcy.

Leo says that while the Wang didn't start up right away, it may have been that the Wang had to charge up or heat up before it turned on.

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Watch Nick from Northridge, CA Comments

Nick recently got certified for a job in IS and he's thinking about learning how to code. Leo says that's a great skill to have. But it'll be another year or two of your life spent learning what you need to know. But it's not only fun, but it can be quite lucrative, especially in the mobile world. There's a great book on learning to code called "How to Design Programs." It will teach you the fundamentals of programming. There's also a great coding language called Scheme, which you can download for free.

Watch Russ from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Russ uses a Windows XP machine at work, and his contacts are in an old HandSpring Visor PDA. Leo suggests exporting the data to the CSV (comma separated value) format and then inputting them into Google contacts directly. He can also do his Calendar data that way. Then it really doesn't matter what phone he uses or if he changes phones. It'll be there automatically.

Watch Jason from Los Banos, CA Comments

Jason has an old HP computer running Windows Vista, with no recovery disks. Leo says Jason could contact HP and ask them to send him recovery disks for a nominal fee. Or, Jason can go to Newegg and pick up an OEM version of Windows 7 and install it cleanly. Leo hates it that PC makers don't give recovery disks anymore.

Watch Armand from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Armand is a photographer and he's constantly backing up his images and is afraid he's going to lose data. Leo says that it's a constant battle with photographers, which is why he recommends having a 3-2-1 backup strategy. Three backups, on two different forms of media, with one off site. Peter Krogh talks about it at, in his Digital Asset Management (The DAM Book), and his book "Orangizing Your Photos for Lightroom 5.

Armand is wondering if he should get a Drobo. Leo says Drobo is a great option because he can replace a hard drive and rebuild the RAID backup. However, it's proprietary and there's other options including Synology and ReadyNAS. Leo's favorite is Synology. The key is to use RAID 5.

Chris Marquardt chimes in and says that he uses Synology for his local NAS, plus Amazon Glacier as his off site backup. Leo says that Glacier is an interesting idea because the data isn't frequently accessed and can't be accessed right away, but within a few hours. So they can charge about .01 a GB for it, which is a great idea.

Watch Val from Valencia, CA Comments

Val wants to offload his data onto one large drive and "de-duplicate" his files. Leo says there are a number of programs that can do it, but it's something that makes him nervous because they have the potential to eliminate what it thinks is a duplicate when it isn't. A better way is to scan the contents with a redunancy check. Leo says that SyncToy is a good one.

Leo says he can keep the old drive anyway. Drives are cheap, so he could just use that as a backup.

Watch Jay from Gilroy, CA Comments

Jay says his wife's computer will make the "swoosh" email sound frequently when there's no email being sent or received. Leo says to make sure there's no sent items in the email sent folder. Also, check in the settings to see if that sound is being played for other things the computer does. There's an option called "play sounds for other mail actions." Make sure that's disabled. Also, Leo advises using a program called "Little Snitch" for the Mac that will advise him if any nefarous activity is making an outbound connection, but it's probably not that.

There's a few forum posts about it here and here.

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Watch Dan from Montclair, NJ Comments

Dan installed OS X Mavericks on his 2009 MacBook Pro and he says he's taken a "speed hit" with a lot of beach balls. Leo says it's best to try and do a clean install to eliminate any rogue fragments of the old OS. If that doesn't fix it, then it may be that the internal drive is starting to get a bit flakey, especially since Dan also booted from a backup external hard drive which worked fine. It may be time to get his data off and replace that hard drive.

Leo advises going to, then head over to iFixIt for videos on how to best do it. While he's at it, why not spring for an SSD? It'll speed up his computer dramatically.

Watch Mark from Richland, WA Comments

Mark just bought a Vizio SmartTV and he wants to get an inexpensive home theater system to go with it. Leo says the best thing to do is buy an A/V receiver that can drive up to 5 speakers plus a sub woofer. A lot of people opt for the Sound Bar option because they don't have to deal with wires. He should get one with a subwoofer to go with it.

There's a great one by Pioneer called the SP-SB23W which Scott Wilkinson says is one of the best sound bars for the money. It's also on sale at Newegg for $299.

Another option is a Home Theater in a box, which often comes with a Blu-ray player as well.

Watch Jim from Morrison, CO Comments

Jim's having trouble with PhotoStream on his Desktop. It works fine on his mobile devices, though. Leo wonders if Jim turned it off on his Desktop by mistake. This is not unusual for Apple to have problems with their online service. He recommends enabling it through iCloud. He should also turn it off and turn it on again on all devices.

Watch Anthony from Newbury, CT Comments

Anthony wants to know if Carbonite and Time Machine backs up all user data or just his own? Leo says Time Machine will backup all user data, but he has to be logged in to his account to see it. Leo also thinks he can tell Carbonite to backup all seeable folders in the backup settings. So if he has admin privileges, he can do it. He'll want to go into his user folders to do it.

Watch Dean from Silverthorn, CO Comments

Dean is looking to get his daughter a DSLR with Wi-Fi, and wants to know the best option: the Nikon D3200 or the Nikon D5200. Leo says that both are excellent platforms. The D5200 is probably more expensive because it has more megapixels. But the truth is, get the one he can afford. The real big expense is the lenses, and either will take Nikon glass. Since the D5200 is about to be replaced with the D5300, that's probably a better bargain price-wise. The D5300 isn't that much of an upgrade, also.

How fast is the burst mode? About 5 fps. And the video is very good on it.

Watch Bob from Beaver Dam, WI Comments

Bob is retired and bought a Vizio TV, but he's a bit confused by all the ports in the back. Leo says that there's an Internet port for accessing the smart functionality, but he can also connect via Wi-Fi. The HDMI port is the port he'll want to use to connect the TV to his cable box. That's really all he needs!