How can I keep my Mac secure after upgrading to Mavericks?

Episode 1057 (1:52:48)

Larry from San Diego, CA

Larry upgraded his MacBook Air to OS X Mavericks. He's turned on the firewall and File Vault, and used a separate account that isn't the admin account. Is there anything else he needs and will Apple push a notification when there's an update? Leo says yes, Apple will, then he can log into his Admin account and update.

Larry also opened iTunes and signed up. He was trying to get his podcasts and they were missing. Leo said that it's likely the data wasn't saved when he upgraded. He should look under a folder called "previous system folder," and he may be able to pull out the iTunes stuff and then re-import it. Leo says it's easy to re-subscribe and download it. This is another good reason to go with iTunes Match to save your music.