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Watch Leo from Orange County, CA Comments

Leo gets phone calls from scam artists trying to tell him that his computer is infected. Leo Laporte says they use the Windows Event Viewer to point out all the errors on the user's computer, saying that the PC is infected. They will charge $199 and get full access to the computer and the person's credit card. Luckily, Leo didn't let them get that far and terminated the call before they got access.

Leo says that Microsoft will never call you and you shouldn't ever fall for that scam.

Watch Scott from Brooklyn, NY Comments

Peter wants to buy a 55" Vizio LED TV as a secondary TV for the bedroom. Leo says that he likes Vizio and they are high quality for the money. Vizio has an exellent internet and smartTV capability. It's an ideal option for the bedroom. Scott Wilkinson says the Vizio E series is excellent.

Watch Brett from New Jersey Comments

Brett wants to know why there's a delay when he's watching TWiT through Chromecast. Leo says it's just the natural delay of compressing and steaming it out, which is normal. Brett also says it's very loud. Leo says he can just turn it down from his device that he's casting to the Chromecast.

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Watch Brett from New Jersey Comments

Leo says the problem with new routers is that the software has all sorts of security issues. Since this is the first thing on the network, it's important that it be a secure line of defense.

DD-WRT and Tomato are more secure firmware alternatives to what comes on the router by default. These are both open source, very well written, and are kept up to date. So it is a good idea to replace the router's firmware with DD-WRT, if his router supports it.

There are some slight risks associated with this, however. If the power were to go out during the installation of the firmware, he could brick the router. This isn't that great of risk though, and the payoff would be great. He also should not do this if his router is given to him by his DSL or cable company.

Watch Don from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Don has been having trouble getting his email through Windows Live Mail. Some of it shows up on his Galaxy S4, but not all of it. He's learned that POP3 won't give him email on both devices. Leo says that's true, and the problem could be how Don added his account to his Galaxy S4. Don says it's a Gmail account, though. Leo says Gmail and Live mail are two different services and that explains why Don isn't getting all his email. He's only getting his Gmail.

Leo recommends that Don set up his Windows Live Mail client to use IMAP, not POP3. POP3 deletes the email from the server. IMAP will leave the email on the server where his phone can get it. If that doesn't work, then he can try having Gmail retrieve his Windows Live Mail and then work from just his Gmail account.

Watch Dan from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Dan uses Windows XP and is worried about security once Microsoft ends support for it on April 8th. Leo says that there will only be two more security patch Tuesdays between now and April 8th and once that's done, XP will no longer be supported. Leo says that once that happens, all XP users should pull their XP computers off the Internet completely. There are bad guys who collect flaws and exploits and take advantage of holes in the system. One such nasty thing is Cryptolocker. After April 8th, Leo expects an explosion of Windows targeted viruses, and when there's a flaw in one version, it can affect all versions if they aren't updated.

Dan could possibly put Windows Vista on it, and that's better than nothing. Windows 7 could be workable as well. He could also choose Linux instead. It's open source and free. Leo recommends XUbuntu or Darn Small Linux. He'd have a browser, email, and even have access to some Windows apps. Or, he could buy a new computer and only spend around $400-500.

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Watch Joe from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Joe has five late model Motorola Droid phones with Verizon, but he wants to change carriers. Leo says that Motorola Droids only work on Verizon. If he unlocks them, he could take them over to Sprint, and maybe AT&T or T-Mobile if the frequencies are supported. He'll have to get the SIM slot unlocked. He should tell them he's going overseas and needs it unlocked to get a local SIM. PadreSJ says a DROID MAXX can support an AT&T SIM Card, so if he has a friend who has one, he could try it.

Watch John from Waterbury, CT Comments

John had a computer that died on him, so he got a few parts and now the computer is back online. The hard drive has a partition on it and he wants to resize the it, but it won't let him. Leo says that John should try a non-destructive partitioner. Windows 7 may be able to do it if it's in a state to do it. Leo recommends defragging the partition and trying again. There may not be enough space to change the partition, though. EaseUS makes a free partitioning and backup program he can try as well.

Watch Andrew from Wiclow, Ireland Comments

Andrew wants to know why OpenDNS is disabled on his network. Leo says it may be that his Mac is set up to do its own DNS. He'll have to go into the internet settings on the Mac and take out any DNS entries that are there. Then he should lock those settings with an administrator password so his kids won't be able to just change the DNS to something else. He should remember that as his kids get smarter, they're going to figure a way around it. So the best thing is to talk to his kids about making good choices. That's going to be his last line of defense. Using OpenDNS is an excellent start, though.

Watch Dave from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Dave cut the cable with Time Warner. He's now using Netflix, but he's suffering from severe a slowdown from 20MB to 0.5 MB down. Leo says that's because everyone in Dave's neighborhood is watching Netflix all at the same time. Leo also thinks that Comcast is slowing down Netflix traffic on purpose. So Time Warner cable may be doing the same thing. Leo also says that it may be Wi-Fi congestion. Try connecting a hardwire and see if the streaming improves. If it doesn't, then it's clear that Dave's internet service is being throttled.

Watch Larry from San Diego, CA Comments

Larry upgraded his MacBook Air to OS X Mavericks. He's turned on the firewall and File Vault, and used a separate account that isn't the admin account. Is there anything else he needs and will Apple push a notification when there's an update? Leo says yes, Apple will, then he can log into his Admin account and update.

Larry also opened iTunes and signed up. He was trying to get his podcasts and they were missing. Leo said that it's likely the data wasn't saved when he upgraded. He should look under a folder called "previous system folder," and he may be able to pull out the iTunes stuff and then re-import it. Leo says it's easy to re-subscribe and download it. This is another good reason to go with iTunes Match to save your music.