How can I transfer my files from one PC to another?

Episode 1056 (24:34)

Zach from Los Angeles, CA

Zach needs a new computer and wants to know how he can transfer all his music, videos, and images. He has thousands of pictures and a lot of duplicates. He also has a backup drive, but he's not sure it always backs up. Leo suggests just dragging the documents and settings folder over to the external drive. That will get everything.

The chatroom says that using the Files and Settings Transfer wizard would also be a wise thing to use. It'll take awhile, but it'll get everything. Then he should double check it once it's done. On Windows 8, it's called "Easy Transfer." Leo wishes they wouldn't change the name of things every time they put out a new OS.

Another good one is Microsoft's SyncToy. Centered System's Second Copy is another good one for direct duplicate folder copying.