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Watch Dave from Chicago, IL Comments

Dave wants to know if he can install a USB 3.0 port onto his desktop computer. Leo says sure, but it largely depends on the bus of his desktop. If he has PCIexpress, he should be just fine. USB 3.0 goes as high as 5 Gigabits, but that doesn't mean he'd necessarily get that. What about just plain PCI? He won't get the max speed, but the hard drive isn't as fast as USB 3.0 either. So it should be good enough for his use of it.

Watch Brad from San Jose, CA Comments

Brad is planning to build a Windows 8.1 rig and is curious as to how Windows 8 will handle the SSD drive and if Windows eDrive will be good encryption. Leo says it will work just fine. And you really do need to encrypt anything you put on an SSD drive because it doesn't really delete everything. But encryption software from Microsoft may have a back door on it for the Feds. But if that's not your worry, then Windows E will work great for basic protection. But if you're really paranoid and concerned, then Leo advises using TrueCrypt.

Check out what AnandTech said about Windows eDrive here.

Watch Zach from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Zach needs a new computer and wants to know how he can transfer all his music, videos, and images. He has thousands of pictures and a lot of duplicates. He also has a backup drive, but he's not sure it always backs up. Leo suggests just dragging the documents and settings folder over to the external drive. That will get everything.

The chatroom says that using the Files and Settings Transfer wizard would also be a wise thing to use. It'll take awhile, but it'll get everything. Then he should double check it once it's done. On Windows 8, it's called "Easy Transfer." Leo wishes they wouldn't change the name of things every time they put out a new OS.

Another good one is Microsoft's SyncToy. Centered System's Second Copy is another good one for direct duplicate folder copying.

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Watch Myrna from Lake Tahoe, NV Comments

Myrna has lost her internet connection. She also found something called "Teredo" on her machine. Has she been hacked? Leo says no. Teredo is a new software standard which gives access to IP vs. 6 Internet IP addresses, called "IP tunneling," and Myrna's ISP probably enabled it as it was already part of Windows. She can read more about Teredo here.

It may have also been part of Verizon's Security Suite, which is her ISP. She unchecked all the boxes for Teredo and it started working again, but then they got checked again when she turned the computer back on. Leo says that Myrna needs to call up Verizon and find out what they think the problem is and why Teredo keeps getting turned on. She'll likely have to escalate the call because the average support person will have no clue what Teredo and IP tunneling is.

Leo thinks it's coincidental and there probably is something else going on, though.

Watch Michael from Demoines, IA Comments

Michael has a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with T-Mobile and he has a wireless charging pad for it. And while the Note 2 sees the pad, it doesn't charge. What gives? Leo says they have to basically snap into the battery and if you don't feel or hear the "snap" it may not be making proper contact. Leo says that the Tylt Vu Wireless Charger is a good option as well. It's a lot less finicky then other wireless charger options. And it lights up when you're charging, so you know it's making a connection. Another one is the Fone Wireless Charger.

KC6TTR in the chatroom says that wireless charger is supported in the AT&T Note II, and NOT the T-Mobile Note II. Really?! That really bites! So T-Mobile doens't think their customers would want to have wireless charging? Leo HATES that. There is a mod at XDA Developers if you want to try it, but it's not for the faint of heart.

Watch Dave from Los Banos, CA Comments

Dave has a tendency to break his cellphones. Leo says to get a really great case that comes with cover that will protect the screen when he's not using it. Leo suggests Otterbox or Ballistic.

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Watch Brian from San Diego, CA Comments

Mike is looking to get a Microsoft Surface tablet for his girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Leo says that it is a good choice for many users, especially if she'll want to use Office applications. Leo suggests the Nokia 2520. It's very elegant and he could choose from a variety of colors. It has Windows RT, and Microsoft Office comes with it.

If she wants a tablet that can be used with her Android Phone, then a Google Nexus tablet would be a cheaper and better choice. But that won't have Microsoft Office.

Watch Terri from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Terri has a ton of text messages over the last five years on her iPhone that she'd like to get onto her computer. Leo says that it's more than just texts, it's also images. First, Leo says she should backup her phone. Then get a program called iExplorer, by Macroplant. It will not only get her music, but also will allow her to export text messages to PDF, along with images. It'll also save voicemails.

Watch Matthew from Wrightwood, CA Comments

Matt just bought a new Samsung Plasma 3D TV with surround sound. The TV isn't working with the surround sound, though. Leo says Matt has to have the ARC Audio return channel. It'll be designated on the side of the TV, and it may not be on HDMI input 1. It probably is input 2. He doesn't really need a special cable, he just needs to enable it. He should look for ARC on the TV itself. Another way is to connect the speakers with optical cables.

Watch Richard from Grand Rapids, MI Comments

Richard ran Shields Up! recently, and it all came back as "stealth." Then he installed iTunes and now three results come back as "closed." Leo says that "closed" is OK. He won't want the results to come back as open. This is why Shields Up! was invented, because software like iTunes ends up making computers visible. Leo also recommends turning off Universal Plug and Play (UPnP).

Watch Dave from Chatsworth, CA Comments

Dave is looking for an Android phone mod that will protect him from being spied on. Leo says it's better to trust Google than some unknown person who may have built something into a Mod.

Watch Phillip from San Jose, CA Comments

Phillip would like to create network attached storage. Leo likes Synology's 4 bay Nas's, there's also Netgear's ReadyNAS. Or, you can built your own with OpenNAS and FreeNAS.

Watch Dave from Roseberg, OR Comments

Dave recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 on his laptop and now he's having firewall issues. Leo says that third party security software is often incompatible with Windows firewalls, and will disable Windows firewall. If you like the job your AVS does, then let it disable it. Leo happens to think that Windows Defender and Windows Firewall does a great job and you don't really need to third party option.