Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1055 (26:58)

Scott wants to talk about all the technology at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics and that one of the snowflakes that transforms into the Olympic rings failed to open. Rumor has it that President Vladimir Putin tried to pressure NBC to photoshop it in to save face. Scott also says that the coolest thing about the ceremonies was the video projection on the floor which used 120 projectors suspended in the ceiling that were totally "edge-blended" to be one huge seamless image.

Scott watched it on the Epson e520 Projector and a 64" screen. Leo says that's a good size because making it larger can wash out the brightness of the image. Scott says it also effects black levels. So it's a balancing act to get the right combination of the two. He also says it's necessary to consider the relationship between the screen size and the seating distance. What about LED projectors? Scott says they last 10s of thousands of hours without having to replace the bulb, but they aren't as bright however.

Laser illuminated projectors, however, can put out a huge amount of light and can last 20,000 hours.