NBC Fakes Story About Phones Being Hacked at the Olympics

Episode 1055 (01:26)

NBC's Richard Engle did a story that mobile phones and computers were hacked the second people arrived in Russia for the Olympic Games. Leo says that the NBC story was completely false, and had been faked to get the audience looking at Russia in a particular way. Leo says that they would get hacked if the reporter deliberately went to a malicious site and downloaded the software that would infect the computer or mobile phone. Engle was a thousand miles away in Moscow when he did it. He also deliberatetly disabled the security on his Android phone before he did it. Leo says the results would've been that way anywhere in the world.

Just run the updates, patch the browser, and avoid malicious sites. We expect more from NBC and it damages their credibility as a news organization. Leo said it would've been useful if they had done a story about how easy it could be to get hacked if you're careless.