How can I transfer two factor authentication for all of my accounts to a new phone?

Episode 1054 (48:39)

Taylor from Cincinnati, OH
Google Authenticator

Taylor is moving from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S4. He has two factor authentication set up on his current phone, and is wondering if there's an easier way to transfer it all to the new phone.

Leo says that he just saves the QR codes, which contain the authentication codes, in Lastpass. In Lastpass, if he goes into two factor authentication, he can have it show the code. So then all he needs to do is launch Authenticator, set up a new account, and scan the QR code. So then he can just scan all those codes with his new phone from Lastpass. Microsoft also has an authenticator program which will work in just the same way on Windows Phone.

What about Duo security? Leo says it's interesting because the app notifies him if someone is logging in and stops it. Second factor authentication is a great thing. Banks really should be using it.