How can I deal with negative and untrue posts about me online?

Episode 1054 (2:21:31)

Bill from Los Angeles, CA

Bill is having problems with someone who is maligning him on the Internet by posting stuff that isn't true. Leo says all he can really do is sue them for liable. The record industry does this with music pirates. Unfortunately he can't force Google to take it down. He'll have to get a lawyer who knows about Internet law and sue them.

What about reputation management companies? Leo says they're not really effective. They post stuff and try to push the negative stuff down the results page, essentially drowning it out. But the only real effective ones are very expensive. It's a big problem. The Internet is full of trolls and there's not much anyone can do. The best defense is to just be active on the internet with blogs, social media, etc, so that his content will show up along with the negative content.