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Watch Geoffrey from Baton Rouge, LA Comments

Geoffrey is concerned that he won't get the software updates in a timely fashion like with a pure Google phone now that Motorola won't be owned by Google anymore. Leo suspects there won't really be an issue. First, it'll take awhile to get approval from both the US and Chinese governments. On top of that, people were concerned about the ThinkPad under Lenovo, and that is now the best laptop in the business.

The other sad news is that Google is killing the Nexus and will no longer offer hardware with the Google brand. It's too bad because they were great phones. It's clear that Google has made a deal with manufacturers to offer pure Google handsets if Google doesn't compete with them.

Watch Glen from Alexandria, LA Comments

Glen's mother has a PC running XP and is worried about Microsoft discontinuing support. So he's moving her data over to another computer. Leo says that the best way to move the data over is with a simple thumb drive and Windows Explorer to drag and drop. Then he can run the File and Transfer Wizard to get the rest.

Just because XP will stop being supported after April 8th doesn't mean he has to stop using the computer. He should just make sure it's disconnected from the Internet. Leo also advises getting TeraCopy. There's also RichCopy, which is a third party interface for Robocopy, which otherwise can only be used through the command line.

Watch Mike from Pittsburgh, PA Comments

Mike wants to know if there's a way to watch TWiT video podcasts on a Kindle Fire. Leo says he can as long as it's not an e-ink reader. Leo says that the TWiT app from F-Con should work. There's also a stream from Flosoft that doesn't rely on Flash that should work when he accesses from the browser on a mobile device.

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Watch David from Glendora, CA Comments

David is a voice over artist who uses an ISDN line to do his job. But when he asked for one at the phone company, they looked at him like he was crazy. Leo says that if he lives in a smaller town, they may not offer it or may just be surprised he's asking to get one. It's a speciality line and the phone company simply doesn't want to do it because of broadband. It's not required by the FCC to offer it, and because it requires a separate switch, they just don't want to do it.

Leo advises calling a local radio station and talking to an engineer. He could help him secure one because radio still uses them.

Watch Bill from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Bill has Time Warner Cable for his broadband and he uses wireless to his laptop. He's having connection issues because it's slow, though. Leo recommends first running to measure how slow it actually is. He should try connecting directly to the modem via Ethernet to see if it's still slow. If it is, it's a computer issue. If not, then the issue is with the Wi-Fi router.

It sounds like a configuration issue, though. Leo also advises creating a dummy account with administrator approvals and see how it works.

Watch BJ from San Diego, CA Comments

BJ is wondering if there's a simpler device for her elderly mother than a traditional desktop computer. Leo says that an iPad is an ideal choice for her. But she would have to type on the screen. Despite that, for pictures of grandkids, email, browsing and more, the iPad is easy to use and very secure. Leo gave one to his mother and she loves it.

Another good choice is a Chromebook. It's an affordable, simple laptop that's also very secure. If something does get messed up, the powerwash feature will reset the computer to how it was when she bought it.

Watch Joe from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Joe has an older PC running Windows Vista. He's worried that Microsoft will kill off support for it. Leo says not just yet, it's Windows XP that Microsoft is ending support on and that will be April 8th. After that deadline, hackers will take advantage of any exploits they can find. But Microsoft will support Vista until at least 2017.

Watch David from Lake Balboa, CA Comments

David got a new LG phone and now he can't put apps on his miniSD card. He could on his old HTC One, though. Leo says that LG may be preventing app installations on it. Or, it could be a function of the app that prohibits it. If it's a widget, then it can't. Also, that phone may not support it from LG's point of view. David can root the phone, though. CyanogenMod will do it.