What HDTV should I get for the Olympics?

Episode 1052 (1:13:44)

Paul from Los Angeles, CA

Paul wants to buy a new HDTV for the Olympics. What should he get in the 65" range? Leo says that Panasonic is getting out of the plasma business and now is the time to look hard at a plasma TV before they disappear. There are tons of good choices with Samsung, Vizio, and many others. The best TV out there right now is the Panasonic Viera. The ST, VT and the ZT, depending on his price range. The Panasonic Viera ZT60 is the top of the line.

What about 4K? Leo says he can get an inexpensive 4K TV right now, but they aren't very good TVs and there's no content for it anyway. In a few years, the TVs will be far better and even more affordable.