How can I free up space on my iPhone?

Episode 1051 (1:11:37)

Joe from Kansas City, MO
Apple iPhone 5

Joe's iPhone 5 is having issues with Messages. When he erases messages, it doesn't free up any of the space on his phone. Apple says it's a known bug. Leo says there's a program called iBackupBot which will backup his phone, then delete the info and restore what's left to the phone. Or, he can backup his phone to the cloud, then toggle documents and data to off, and then restore.

Leo also says that iOS7 is a mess. There are tons of things that are wrong. There's some other solutions from Apple's forums here. Hopefully, iOS 7.1 will fix it.

OSX Mavericks also has severe bugs, which makes Leo wonder about cracks that seem to be appearing in Apple's veneer.