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Watch Mary from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mary wants to know about alternatives to Jajah, a VOIP service that she's been using and is going out of business.

Leo says Skype is one solution and she can use Skype with a phone number on a mobile phone with the app. It's very inexpensive. She can buy a Skype Out account, and that lets her make calls to regular phones. Leo did that with his daughter when she was studying overseas. Mary is worried about governments listening in when she calls overseas. Leo says that unless she's Jason Bourne, nobody really cares.

Other options include Talkatone, Tango, and even Google Voice. Skype In allows users to call her from any phone, and Skype Out lets her call anyone else. Since it's owned by Microsoft, it's going to be around for awhile.

Watch Robert from Canoga Park, CA Comments

Robert has finally saved up enough money to get a Mac, but he noticed he has to install Flash himself. Leo says that Steve Jobs hated Flash and as such, Apple stopped supporting it. Leo says he can download and install Flash from He should just make sure he gets it from the official site, and not a phoney one. He should also be careful not to fall for the scam that he needs a new version of Flash to watch a video. Download Flash from Adobe directly and install it. Once he installs it, it will auto update.

The other alternative is to use Google's browser Chrome. It comes with Flash built-in. If he goes to, he can set YouTube to only use that and avoid Flash.

Watch Joe from Kansas City, MO Comments

Joe's iPhone 5 is having issues with Messages. When he erases messages, it doesn't free up any of the space on his phone. Apple says it's a known bug. Leo says there's a program called iBackupBot which will backup his phone, then delete the info and restore what's left to the phone. Or, he can backup his phone to the cloud, then toggle documents and data to off, and then restore.

Leo also says that iOS7 is a mess. There are tons of things that are wrong. There's some other solutions from Apple's forums here. Hopefully, iOS 7.1 will fix it.

OSX Mavericks also has severe bugs, which makes Leo wonder about cracks that seem to be appearing in Apple's veneer.

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Watch Cameron from LaPuente, CA Comments

Cameron wants to get a dashboard camera for his car. Dashboard cameras record everything that happens in an accident. In Russia, they are incredibly popular due to crazy driving and corrupt police. DashCams constantly record, but dump all but the last 30 seconds.

Here are some sites to check out for dash cams:

The Garmin Dash Cam 10 is probably the best one.

Watch Ed from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ed has a custom built Windows 7 computer with 4 1TB hard drives in RAID 1+0 configuration. He rebooted it and now the operating system is missing. RAID 1+0 is striped and mirrored, meaning that if one dies, then he can swap it out, recover the data, and continue. He's using the RAID that's in the Asus motherboard BIOS. Can he recover the data without rebuilding the RAID? The key is to find out what drive has failed. There is a RAID tool which can help, but he can't get the computer to boot.

Ed should run the RAID utility in the Asus BIOS, which should tell him which drive failed. This might be a job for a local expert.

Watch Chris from Lakewood, CA Comments

Chris recently discovered that his ISP is charging him for his broadband modem. Can he buy his own? Leo says sure! He should contact the cable company and find out what modems they will allow and then buy that. Arris is a popular one and he'll want it to be DOCSIS 3.

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Watch Kevin from Daytona Beach, FL Comments

Kevin calls in to explain how he built his own dash cam for free using an old Samsung Galaxy phone. Then he got an application from the Google Play store called DailyRoads Voyager. Leo says this makes sense, because a smart phone should have all the data that a dash cam would need. It has an accelerometer so it would know when the car has crashed, it has a GPS so it knows the speed the car was traveling, and a camera of course to record with. Kevin just uses a suction cup holder to mount the phone.

Leo says the only issue in some states, there may be a limitation on what can be suctioned to the windshield. So if you have an old smartphone around, this could be a great use for it.

Watch Bill from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Bill is interested in the new LED backlit projectors. Leo says that the LED projectors he's seen aren't very bright. Leo's not sure though, and is going to ask Scott Wilkinson if he saw any decent LED projectors. Since the bulbs last so much longer, it would be much more cost efficient.

Watch Juan from Los Angeles, Ca Comments

Juan got the T-Mobile 100 minute talk plan with unlimited text and data for $30 a month. Leo says that's a great deal. Juan isn't sure he can make international calls though. Leo says that they charge $10 a month for an international dialing plan with reduced per minute rate. Doing the math, it's probably just cheaper for Juan to pay the full rate. Leo advises not calling, but going into the T-Mobile store to talk to a salesperson. They'll give him the information he needs.

Watch Mike from Albion, ID Comments

Mike wants to get Satellite internet service, but the service says that they don't serve his area. Leo says that's insane if he has access to the Southern sky and live on planet earth. Leo says that WildBlue is a good option. WildBlue works much like DirecTV, from the southern sky. WildBlue's Exceed service is the best out there as far as satellite internet goes, but there is still some latency.

Watch Lynn from Fountain Valley, CA Comments

Lynn would like to get DSL without phone service. Leo says that's called "Dry loop" DSL and Verizon has been thought to offer it. But he's heard that they haven't. Leo advises to go with DSL Extreme and see if they can get it for him. The FCC has required that access be there, but the phone companies don't like it and do everything to make it frustrating, including cutting the copper.

Watch Pat from San Bernadino, CA Comments

Pat wants to know what calendar app is best. Leo says he uses Google Calendar because it syncs to all of his computers and phones, and he can send and receive invites. On the Mac, he uses BusyCal. Both Android and iOS work great with Google calendar. Pat would just add his Google account to his iPhone in his settings, and then he can choose to sync his calendar to Google as well. Best of all, it's free!

Watch Chris from Miami, OH Comments

Chris is still having issues with OS X Mavericks and wonders if upgrading to 8GB of RAM would help it's performance. Leo says not really unless he's doing video or photo editing. If the Mac is running slow, it won't hurt to double the RAM. 8GB is a bit of a sweet spot, though, and it could help if he's having performance issues with the OS. But the real issue could be Mavericks itself. It's filled with bugs and Apple needs to fix it. The chatroom also says to go into the activity monitor and view his RAM usage. That could show him where the issue really lies.