Should I buy an iPhone now or later?

Episode 1050 (2:12:56)

John from Hainesville, IL

John has an iPhone 4S phone and his contract is up. He's wondering if he should he wait for the iPhone 6 or get the iPhone 5S now. Leo says that the iPhone won't come out until at least September. We don't know what it will have, but it's a "tick-tock" cycle for Apple, meaning the iPhone 6 will be a big step up. That being said, Leo's not sure what more than can even do since this is a mature product category now. He'd like to see a bigger screen, but that's about it. If John thinks the 4S screen size is fine, then that won't be an issue for him.

As for his data plan, the only way he could keep his unlimited data is to buy the unsubsidized phone at full price. If he barely even reaches 2GB of data a month, then unlimited isn't going to pay off for him. Then it would be worth it to get the phone at the subsidized rate. Unlimited isn't even really unlimited anyway, since he'd end up being throttled after 5GB.