Johnny Jet

Episode 1050 (1:51:40)

Johnny Jet joins us after having spoken at the LA Times Travel Show. He's been talking about getting the best travel deals on airlines, hotels, car rentals and more. Johnny got to meet Henry Rollins, who also spoke at the Travel Show. The goal of this show is to show people how to get out, travel to other countries, so that more people will be able to see the world affordably.

Speaking of inexpensive, at the show, Singapore Airlines Vacations was there. They have a deal from LA and SF to Bali for 5 nights, including air and hotel for $1599. Many people consider Singapore Airlines to be one of the best airlines, too. Johnny suggests checking out for more on that.

Leo asks Johnny if he worries at all about the safety of going to Bali because of the night club bombing that occurred awhile back. Johnny doesn't worry so much about that, but he says you always have to keep your wits about yourself. Johnny says these bombings typically happen at the more touristy locations, and he doesn't think Leo would be going to night clubs like that anyway.

Johnny says a lot of people are afraid to go to Thailand right now because of all the demonstrations, but Thailand is safe as long as you stay away from the demonstrators. Leo suggests paying attention to the State Department Travel Advisories to make sure you're not going somewhere dangerous. There are still places that should be avoided altogether when there's turmoil, though. For instance, Johnny wouldn't recommend visiting Cairo right now.

Leo says in Thailand, a lot of people go to the beaches. Two years ago, Johnny went to an area that had been hit by the tsunami, and he said the people were so nice and things were very affordable. They ordered Pad Thai at the pool, and the bill was only around $7. It was only $1.40 at a restaurant around the corner. Sometimes it's nice to go off the beat and path and go where people aren't being overwhelmed by tourists.