How can I secure my Wi-Fi Router?

Episode 1050 (46:05)

Naomi from Denver, CO

Naomi wants to change her router name, and is wondering what else she can do to secure it. Leo says to avoid personal details, and avoid using the name of the router. Leo uses the names of rock stars. She can really name it anything, even "FBI Surveillance Van." If she configures it properly, it's as secure as wired, just not as fast. For pure performance online, she should use a wired connection through Ethernet. If she doesn't need the wireless, then just disable it in the settings.

Leo's list of what to do to lock down your Wi-Fi router:

1. Rename the Router, avoiding personal details or the router name
2. Change the default login/ password
3. Turn off WAN administration.
4. Turn on WPA2 encryption
5. Turn off UPnP (universal plug and play)
6. Turn off WPS. It's broken and easily hackable.
7. Test your router for port 32764 with GRC's SHIELDS UP!