How can I get better images on my digital picture frame?

Episode 1050 (2:07:11)

Carlo from Ontario, CAN

Carlo wants to create a digital picture frame with an HD display, but the quality hasn't always been great. Leo says it's probably because he's using JPG files that when blown up large, it shows artifacts. Leo suggests exporting higher quality images, but Carlo says the JPGs are 36 Megapixels. Leo says it's not the megapixels, but the file size. JPG is what we call a "Lossy" compression technology, which takes little bits out that wouldn't be noticed at smaller sizes. If he uses a lossless compression, such as the TIFF file format, then every dot from the original image will be intact. So it's not the number of dots per inch, but the quality of the actual JPG. Carlo says that even using TIFF gave him poor image quality, however.

Since a television display is not as high resolution as a computer monitor, the issue could be that the Western Digital device isn't downsampling his images well. If the image quality is still poor after exporting his images at the highest quality, he should try exporting them to match the resolution of the TV display. Using his software to downsample the images may be better than having the Western Digital device do it.