Why did the price go up on the Samsung Galaxy SIV from Sprint?

Episode 1049 (1:56:25)

Priscilla from Newberry, SC

Priscilla has a Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G and she loved it, but it's broken and she needs a new phone. She hates Sprint, though. Leo says Sprint is horrible. But then again, they all are. Priscilla wants to get the Samsung Galaxy SIV, but the price on the phone went up by $50 recently, from $199 to $249. She wants to know who she would call about that, Sprint or Samsung. Leo says that since it's a subsidy issue, she would have to go to Sprint about that. They likely just changed their subsidy. Since Priscilla doesn't seem like a very happy Sprint user, Leo suggests looking into T-Mobile. They have a great deal right now where they'll actually pay her early termination fee. It ultimately comes down to what carrier has the best coverage in her area, though.