What laptop should I get?

Episode 1049

TJ from California

TJ is looking to buy a new laptop and she wants to know the minimum requirements she should be looking for. Can she update her old Windows ME computer? Leo says that TJ could put Linux on it, but that's about as best as she can get with that. Leo says that for what TJ wants, she could look at the Microsoft Surface 2, which comes with Windows RT and a free Microsoft Office suite. Since it comes with a keyboard, it's a nice hybrid. It's a tad small at 10", but it's a great mobile option. TJ wants a 15" screen, though. Leo says 4GB of RAM, and an SSD with 128GB of storage is minimum she should get. The speed improvement of an SSD is really nice. Less expensive models won't have it, but it is worth getting. So she should get a smaller, faster drive for the same price.

4th generation Intel Core processor (Haswell) is the processor she should look for. Leo suggests Lenovo or Dell. She can still get Windows 7 machines from Dell. She could also check with Asus. If she gets a Windows 8 machine, she should get a touchscreen, but she'll save money with a Windows 7 system. Can she still get one with a floppy drive? Leo says she can still by an external drive, but it's far more efficient to just save files in the Cloud. She's also concerned about the webcam, but Leo says she can just put tape over it. It's a good thing to have for webchats, though.