How can I view and sort my photos with a tablet?

Episode 1048 (13:00)

Jim from Walnut Creek, CA
Google Nexus 7

Jim is an amateur photographer who reviews his pictures on the camera to delete the ones he doesn't like. For Christmas, he got an iPad Mini, and would like to preview the images on his camera card. Leo says that the iPad Mini doesn't have a set file system like that. Jim understood that and returned it. Leo says Jim didn't have to do that, he could've gotten the camera connection kit which would allow him to plug in an SD card.

If Jim doesn't want to do that, Leo advises a "photo wallet," which is a hard drive with an LCD screen and card reader. It would allow Jim to review the images, back them up and delete the ones he doesn't like. And that's important to do because that SD could fail. Leo really liked the Epson P7000, but it's been discontinued. So a tablet with an SD card reader would probably be what Jim wants.

Leo says that a Samsung Galaxy Note or the Nexus 7 is an option. If he decides on the Nexus 7, he'll need a USB OTG cable. He'll also need to shoot in RAW + JPG, because none of the tablets will work with RAW files. He could also look into Windows Tablets. The Android HD screens have really accurate colors, too.

Another solution involves getting a new camera with Wi-Fi built in. This means he could run an application on a tablet or smartphone, and then he can control the camera from the tablet and review photos from there too.