Can I install Windows 8 on an XP machine?

Episode 1048 (2:04:40)

Georgeanne from Upland, CA

Georgeanne is worried that when Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP, will she be able to install and use Windows 8 on her old computer? Leo says support for Windows XP will end April 8th. At that point, she won't even get important security updates. Microsoft's attitude is that very few older computers running XP will run Windows 8.1. She could run the Windows upgrade assistant, but it's unlikely.

If she doesn't need to use the computer on the internet, the computer will still be OK to use. But it may just be time to get a new PC. She already got ten good years out of it, and computers are cheaper today. She can still get a Windows 7 machine, which will be much more like XP. She could check with Dell.