What should I do after falling victim to a scammer claiming to be from Microsoft?

Episode 1047 (37:23)

Suzanne from Vista, CA

Suzanne got bit by a scammer calling from "Microsoft." The worst part is that she's a security analyst. Leo says that Suzanne shouldn't feel so bad since chances are that they are actually off duty tech support staff moonlighting as scammers. They social engineer victims and scare them into installing something on their computer. The CLSID is not unique. Then they show the user the "Event Viewer" which logs all errors. It looks worse than it is and the scammers rely on that. If she gave them a credit card, they also have that now and she really won't know what else they may have done.

Suzanne should cancel the credit card, then backup her data to an external hard drive, and format her computer's drive. Then she can start over by reinstalling Windows from a known, good source. She should also change all of her passwords online.

The chatroom also says to challenge the charges with her credit card company and get them to charge it back!