Is sending your birth certificate online secure?

Episode 1047 (10:46)

Ashley Witt from TWiT

Ashley's having an issue signing up for Obamacare. His daughter signed up for the insurance through Covered California, and they sent her a letter saying they don't believe she really is who she says she is. They want her to scan her birth certificate and email it over the Internet. Leo says that authentication is one of the core problems with a lot of things, and is the target for identity thieves. Leo says that if it's being sent through the Covered California website, chances are it's encrypted and safe. Any insurer would need to have that information, but Leo advises making sure she's uploading it through "https." Leo says that isn't a guarantee and what we need to do is rattle the cages to make sure the data is secured.

Ashley Witt is a good friend of the show, and actually is the composer of the original theme song for The Tech Guy.