How can I stream my computer's Chrome browser to my Chromecast?

Episode 1047 (59:13)

George from Paris, Texas

George listens to TWiT with his Roku. He says he knows the Chromecast doesn't have a lot of apps on it, but he decided to try one to stream websites from his browser to the TV. He wanted to do that from a cheap Android tablet running Jellybean, but Google won't let him into the Play Store. Leo says that's because it's not an "AOSP" version of Android. That's what makes it cheap.

He can get it to cast YouTube, and Leo says that Netflix and HBO Go will also work. In order to do it from the Chrome browser (called TabCasting), he'll have to have the special Chrome extension installed. That extension is only for desktop computers though, he won't be able to use that with the browser on his tablet. Leo says that Chromecast is wonderful and it's still in its early days of app development.