What's the best way to get surround sound at home?

Episode 1046 (1:51:26)

Max from West LA
Denon Receiver with Boston Acoustics Surround

Max bought a Panasonic Viera Plasma HDTV. Leo says those TVs are great. Max paid the Geek squad to come out and calibrate it. Leo says Max was probably lucky, as it's unlikely the Geek squad is professionally trained for monitor calibration. It's best to get it out of dynamic mode. "Movie mode" is best, then he should play with the contrast and color until it's to his liking.

Max is thinking about getting a sound bar. Can he get surround sound with that? Leo says that it's simulated. He prefers a theater in the box with an AV receiver. There are great choices there. A Denon AV receiver is great. Then he can get some really good speakers. Left, Right, Center (vocals), rear speakers, and subwoofer. That's why HTIBs are great, because he'll get it all.