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Watch Rick from California Comments

Rick entered a date on his calendar on the iPhone via FantastiCal, and his friend noticed that it appears on his calendar as well. Leo says it will do that if he had set it up that way. The calendar will see that he's put a name in the event and email it as an invitation. It's a nice feature, but scary if he doesn't see it coming.

Rick wants to know where this default behavior is coming from, his iPhone or his Mac. He'll have to go into the settings and disable the invitation option. He may need to also go into iCloud settings or the settings for iOS.

Watch John from San Diego, CA Comments

John was planning to cut the cord, so he bought a Roku. He's discovered he doesn't have an HDMI port on his old TV, though. So he needs a new one. Leo says that there's many options that won't break the bank.

Vizio has a great line of affordable HDTVs. He should go as big as he can afford. Leo likes 50" to start and he can get them for around $500.

HiSense is another company making inroads into the market and they're affordable. But are they up to Vizio standards? Leo isn't so sure, but they are aggressive with their pricing. TCL is another low cost option, and Leo has bought several of them for the Brickhouse Studios.

Watch William from Mont Claire, VA Comments

William bought a solid state drive and didn't really notice an improvement in speed. Leo says that SSDs are faster at reading data than spinning drives because there's no seek time. However, if the PC is older, the I/O bus may become the bottleneck. The SATA port needs to be at least SATA3 to take advantage of the SSD. He may need to get a better motherboard. The newer way to do it is to use a PCIExpress SSD and add a PCIe card. Then he would see a significant boost in performance.

Watch G. Scott from Lake Tahoe, CA Comments

G. Scott wants to "declutter" his Samsung Galaxy Note II. Leo says he loves the hardware that Samsung produces, but it's loaded up with junk. Leo wishes he could get a pure Google experience with the Note. Leo suggests using a different Launcher, like Nova Launcher. There's also ADW and Apex. This will give him a pure Google Experience, but it doesn't get rid of the junk, it just hides it. For that, he'll have to root it.

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Watch Dave from Venice Beach, CA Comments

Dave wants to upgrade his projector for movies. Leo recommends the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030. Quality is great, and there's several HDMI connections. He'll want to make sure it has sufficient "throw," and he should be mindful of the cost of replacement lamps. Epson says it should last about 6,000 hours. They aren't cheap when they do need to be replaced, though.

What about LEDs? The Chatroom says LED projectors are only 600 lumens, so they're not very bright compared to UHD lamps. He also shouldn't skimp on the actual screen. has very affordable screens.

Watch Jim from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Jim changed ISPs and outlook now gives him a message saying the server doesn't support the encryption chosen (SSL/TLS). It only happens about 10-20% of the time. Leo says that's an odd thing. It could be security software that's running against it. Jim should try disabling his security software to see if it works. If it does, then the antivirus software is causing the issue and using a different antivirus may be the solution.

Watch Sean from Norfolk, UK Comments

Sean wants to know Leo's thoughts on the Raspberry Pi computer. Leo says it's a very interesting concept. Raspberry Pis are small, cheap computers that teach computer science to kids. Great for building projects. It runs Linux, and a lot of people use it for building home theaters. This episode of KnowHow on the TWiT network shows how to use the Raspberry Pi.

Sean also wants to know where he can see the New Year Eve broadcast that Leo did. Leo says it's going to be on Justin.TV also has it.

Watch Bob from San Jose, CA Comments

Bob does training videos, and he'd like to get rid of the mic in front of his face. He'd like to use a LAV mic, but he can only hook them up to his camera. How can he plug them into his PC via USB? Leo says there are a lot of USB sound device converters called DACs (digital audio converter) like the Griffin iMic. It costs just $39 and will allow Bob to connect his LAV mic to his PC's USB port.

Watch John from South Pasadena, CA Comments

John is making the switch to a Mac Mini. He wants to know if he needs an Apple Cinema Display to use it. Leo says no, any PC monitor will work just fine. Dell makes great monitors. John should make sure it has an HDMI connector. This is a great, affordable choice for those looking to get into Macs!

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Watch Max from West LA Comments

Max bought a Panasonic Viera Plasma HDTV. Leo says those TVs are great. Max paid the Geek squad to come out and calibrate it. Leo says Max was probably lucky, as it's unlikely the Geek squad is professionally trained for monitor calibration. It's best to get it out of dynamic mode. "Movie mode" is best, then he should play with the contrast and color until it's to his liking.

Max is thinking about getting a sound bar. Can he get surround sound with that? Leo says that it's simulated. He prefers a theater in the box with an AV receiver. There are great choices there. A Denon AV receiver is great. Then he can get some really good speakers. Left, Right, Center (vocals), rear speakers, and subwoofer. That's why HTIBs are great, because he'll get it all.

Watch Alex from Jersey, UK Comments

Alex has outfitted his entire house with Philips Hue Lights. Now he's looking to step up his sound game to Dolby 5.1 surround sound. He's looking at a Sonos sound bar for his Apple TV.

Leo says that Sonos wireless speakers have some special sharing technique that offers zero latency. It can play internet radio, such as Pandora. It's fantastic. The Sonos sound bar is very good, too. And using the Sonos connect box will bring his standard stereo amp into the mix. But Alex's question is, can he wire his Denon amp into the Sonos system so he can enjoy his home theater system? Leo says the Sonos Connect box will do that, along with the Internet. It will give the amp all of Sonos capabilities. TV may be the tricky part though.

How to connect them? Leo recommends optically.

Watch Carl from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Carl keeps hearing about Cryptocoin. Is it the modern day gold rush or a pyramid scheme? Leo says that it remains to be seen. Value is reliant on the full faith and credit of the US government. All currency is based on that faith. But Toshi Nakamoto created BitCoin, which is a digital currency. There's no government backing it. The benefit, though, is that it's anonymous. But it can also be stolen just as easily, and there is no central bank or authority. If governments start banning it, like China has, it could doom the concept and make BitCoin worthless.

Should Carl try and invest in it? Leo says no. It's too risky and speculative. Interesting to watch, sure. But he shouldn't put money into it at this stage.

Watch Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Steve has a 47" Vizio that he's had for a few years. But after an hour, the color begins to die out until he turns it off for awhile. Should he get it fixed or just buy a new one? Leo says that it sounds like a poor solder connection, but at $400 for a repair, it probably isn't worth it since a new TV would cost $600.

All HDTVs have interpolation to handle with motion, but Steve doesn't like it because it looks plasticy. Leo recommends turning that off.

Leo says that LED is the way to go. Also, Steve should get the backlit LED models, not the edge lit.

Watch Blake from Salinas, CA Comments

Blake is tired of the rising prices of DirecTV. What are her alternatives? Leo says that it's still probably cheaper than cable. Of Course, Blake could "cut the cable" altogether and stream everything. But live broadcasts would still be an issue.