Scott Wilkinson Goes to CES

Episode 1045 (18:57)

Scott Wilkinson at CES

Scott joins us via phone to talk about CES, which is coming Tuesday in Las Vegas, NV. Leo says it's the last big digital trade show in the United States with hundreds of thousands of people and products in attendance. The idea is to bring manufacturers with dealers to see what's coming, and often, concept products are also shown which may or may not ever be released. Last year, it was 4K OLED TVs, which Leo says was a tease. Scott says we'll definitely see more 4K TVs for sure, but maybe some more OLED too. Leo bought an OLED TV, and it wasn't cheap at all. Is it better than plasma, which is being discontinued? Leo says yes, but not by much. But it's the future.

4K is actually not 4K, but it's close. A more accurate term is Ultra HD or UHD, and it's already here. The real question is ... where's the 4K content? Scott says that Netflix will be streaming "House of Cards" in 4K starting this Spring. Leo says that's going to kill bandwidth for streamers. Scott says that will be a challenge.

Other things that Scott says will be important at CES are glasses free 3D, which Leo doesn't believe will happen any time soon. But Scott says it's coming -- and soon. He's seen two competing designs and OEM partners will be announced this year at CES. Leo says the challenge is tracking each eye and he doesn't believe it's been cracked yet. But Scott says he's seen it and it looks remarkable.