How can I limit my child's internet usage?

Episode 1045 (1:45:31)

Harry from Long Beach, CA

Harry wants to know Leo's thoughts on parental controls on the Internet. Does he know about TimeBoss by Nice Kit? Leo says that TimeBoss is a great piece of software but he's stunned it's still around. It basically allows kids to earn time. But does it really help kids manage their time? As adults, we have to understand our kids are growing up in a different culture than we did. The internet is how they socialize, and how they learn. Minecraft is light years better than getting hooked on Candy Crush.

It's possible to get around software, which is why Leo recommends OpenDNS. It can control the Internet from a place that kids can't get around. He'll also have to balance it with the notion that if he takes it away, they'll only want it more. It's better to make it an empowering opportunity. Talk about limits and concerns, and make sure he knows what they're doing. Give them limits.

TWiT has a podcast on Minecraft called OMGCraft.