Are my plasma problems normal?

Episode 1045 (44:03)

Ricky from Albequerque, NM

Ricky took Leo's advice and bought a pair of LCD HDTVs. He thought they were too bright, so he returned them and got a Panasonic plasma. He was concerned because he lives at an altitude of 5,000 feet, but Panasonic rates it at 7200 feet, so Leo says that Ricky is OK. LG's plasma's are rated at 9,000 feet. Ricky says he loves the blacks and colors. But his issue is that after 100 hours the network logo in the corner of the screen has some ghosting and remains on the screen. Leo says it'll fade over time.

Leo says that burn in is a potential issue with Plasmas, but it's improved over time and the screen dims and the bug will fade. Leo also recommends having the plasma calibrated. It will give him true color that really makes a difference. Spears and Munsel make a really good calibrator.

Ricky also sees a kind of rainbow effect during motion. Leo says that action and motion is often an issue with both LCD and plasma, which is why they have higher hertz modes. But Leo says he's never really seen that issue and suggests that Ricky may be looking "too hard" for problems.