What tablet should I buy my wife for work?

Episode 1044 (11:30)

Dan from New Jersey
Dell Venue Pro Tablet

Dan wants to get his wife a tablet so she can check her email at work. Leo says that there are some excellent Windows tablets, and many like the Dell Venue Pro. This can run the full version of Windows too, which means it will run regular Windows programs. Dan is a bit sad that Windows doesn't have the same app capability as Android or iOS, though. Will there be ever be a Windows tablet that can run Android? Leo says no. There is, however, an app called BlueStacks that can run select Android apps and does it pretty well.

But it's probably best to stick with the OS that supports the apps she'll want. For getting work done, stick with the Surface 2 Pro, not Surface RT. Windows RT will be fine as long as she doesn't need to do heavy duty work. For that, Leo likes the Nokia 2520.

Lenovo, Dell, and Asus also offer some good options. Android has some great options with the Google Nexus 7, and Apple's iPad Air is another good option. He might even want to consider the Chromebook from Google. But Dan should go with the tablet that will serve her wife's needs best, and Leo says that from what Dan is saying, the Venue Pro is the ideal choice.