Was 2013 a Bad Year for Technology?

Episode 1044 (01:49)

Quartz published an article this week declaring that 2013 was a terrible year for technology and that innovation was albeit over. Leo doesn't agree, though. First, the story of Edward Snowden blowing the whistle of how prevalent the NSA's eavesdropping on Americans was a huge story in technology. Google's Project Glass was an interesting story that may be the beginning of wearable computing.

Leo said there were some very interesting smartphones this year and in fact, there may have even been too many. It was a banner year for mobile phones, including the iPhone 5S. And the next "moonshot" for Google is Robots. Google bought eight robotics companies this year, including one that's developing military robots. Apple's iBeacon snuck under the radar as well, which enables the phone to signal you of special information in areas connected to iBeacon's.

Then there was Google's Chromebook, which was huge this year, accounting for what some estimates say are up to 21% of all laptop sales in 2013! 22% were tablets, with Android sales growing by 160%.

2013 was the year of Big Data as well, being able to take giant pools of data and sift through it with computers to draw conclusions. So while it may not have been an overly positive year for technology, you certainly can't say it was a terrible year.