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Episode 1044 December 29, 2013

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Audience Questions

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Watch Dan from New Jersey Comments

Dan wants to get his wife a tablet so she can check her email at work. Leo says that there are some excellent Windows tablets, and many like the Dell Venue Pro. This can run the full version of Windows too, which means it will run regular Windows programs. Dan is a bit sad that Windows doesn't have the same app capability as Android or iOS, though. Will there be ever be a Windows tablet that can run Android? Leo says no. There is, however, an app called BlueStacks that can run select Android apps and does it pretty well.

But it's probably best to stick with the OS that supports the apps she'll want. For getting work done, stick with the Surface 2 Pro, not Surface RT. Windows RT will be fine as long as she doesn't need to do heavy duty work. For that, Leo likes the Nokia 2520.

Lenovo, Dell, and Asus also offer some good options. Android has some great options with the Google Nexus 7, and Apple's iPad Air is another good option. He might even want to consider the Chromebook from Google. But Dan should go with the tablet that will serve her wife's needs best, and Leo says that from what Dan is saying, the Venue Pro is the ideal choice.

Watch Ben from Memphis, TN Comments

Ben has been following Leo's advice of 3-2-1 backup: Three backups, two different forms of media, and one off site. He uses IBM's Tivoli and backs up to an external hard drive, which he keeps in his car. He's been looking at Carbonite and CrashPlan's Code 42 as alternatives. Leo says it's interesting that Crashplan will let him send a hard drive to them and it's nice that it's free to use as well. Leo says that a lot of options are out there with similar services, including RSync and JungleDisk.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

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Watch David from Juniper Hills, CA Comments

David wants to know if a streaming movie in Netflix would have to download all over again each time he'd rewind to rewatch a scene. Leo says that it depends, but if he's just rewinding to see a scene that he just saw, it won't have to redownload that. Netflix does cache the movie as it plays, but if he wants to go to completely different part of the video, it will probably have to download that part again.

If David wants to jump right to the end of something, it won't need to download the entire video for him to do that. Most video players including Netflix will just start downloading from the point that he selects.

Watch David from Juniper Hills, CA Comments

David wants to know the best way to hire an app developer in the states for an app he's working on. Leo says that he advises going to eLance. It'll give him developers from all over the world, but he can focus on developers here in the states, where there are over 27,000 mobile developers ready to take his job.

Watch Larry from Loma Linda, CA Comments

Larry has a flashing blue and gold shield that wants him to install a java program. He says no, but it pops up again a few minutes later. Leo says it could be benign, or it could be a concern. Java is a programming language and many websites use it. But Larry's computer is set up correctly to ask permission to install it. It bothers Leo that it says "Publisher unknown," and not "Oracle." Leo says to keep saying no is the best move. Leo advises running AutoRuns by Microsoft to see what's running in the background.

Watch Chris from Cerritos, CA Comments

Chris is a college student and his dad wants to buy him a new laptop running Windows 7, not Windows 8. He wants a Mac. Leo says that Dad is paying, so he really has to go with what Dad wants. Leo suggests, however, that the best Windows computer is a Mac! Even Walt Mossberg has said so. This would allow him to have the best of both worlds.

Since Chris is studying business administration, Leo says his office uses nothing but Dell Windows machines. In business, Windows dominates. Chris will have to sell his dad on running Windows on a Mac via Boot Camp. If that doesn't work, Leo likes the Acer S7, Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch or the Lenovo Yoga. Since these all would be Windows 8 machines, he could install ClassicShell to make it operate like Windows 7.

Watch Richard from South Haven, MN Comments

Richard uses Google Chromecast and is trying to find a player that will use it on his PC. Leo says that Chromecast is a great product that hasn't even touched it's full potential yet. Leo says Chrome has a plugin called TabBrowser that will sort of work. But Plex is supporting it as of yesterday, so that's going to be the way to go.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Zach from Gilbert, AZ Comments

Zach has some old computers that he wants to recycle but before he does, he'd like to make a virtual version of them to run on better hardware. Leo says that's an interesting idea, and the best option is VMWare vCenter Converter. This would allow him to run a client of a previous build image. Microsoft has one as well called Disk2vhd.

Watch Gary from Dana Point, CA Comments

Gary has a 3rd Generation Apple TV, but he doesn't have an HDTV with an HDMI connection. Leo says that Gary can get an HDMI to component adapter. Leo advises checking

There's a converter from Gefen, and the KanexPro. It's not cheap, and he will lose some quality. That's why Leo says it might be time to get a new HDTV. A Vizio TV would be affordable and has HDMI.

Watch Georgeanne from Pomona, CA Comments

Georgeanna has an RV and a satellite dish. She's thinking about using Slingbox and a Hotspot with her cellphone, but that'll impact her data plan. Leo says that will definitely hurt the data plan, and the quality won't be all that great even over 4G. Slingbox is a good option though if she can get Wi-Fi connected to it. There are self aiming satellite antennas, but they aren't cheap.

Watch Andy from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Comments

Andy has a 13 year old son, and it seems like every year he has to upgrade the computer for him. Should he just get a new computer, like an iMac that can run Windows virtually? Leo says that an iMac running Parallels is a great option, but Andy should keep the computer in a place where he can see what his son is doing. Boot Camp is a good option for running Windows natively on it.

Watch CJ from California Comments

CJ's mother is hard of hearing and would like to get something that will help her listen to the audio on DVD. She's currently using TV Ears and it's not working. Leo says it should and it's likely that she doesn't have it set up properly to get the DVD audio as well. Leo advises contacting their help line toll free to have them walk her through configuring it correctly.

Watch Chris from Ft. Worth, TX Comments

Chris got a Google Nexus 7 32GB for Christmas. But he's a bit confused about LTE with it. Leo says it should be compatible with AT&T and TMobile, but not Verizon or Sprint. TMobile offers 200MB a month for free, so Leo says he could sign up with them and if he needs more, he can just buy it.

Watch Brant from Northridge, CA Comments

Brant's mother is losing her sight and he wants to get voice recognition software to help her. Leo says that screen readers like JAWS can help, but it's expensive. Orca is an open source screen reader. The larger the screen, the better. Try Lighthouse for the Blind or Foundation for the Blind for help. They may even help fund it.

Watch Josh from San Diego, CA Comments

Josh is going old school and wants Leo's recommendation for a powerful AM/FM radio. Leo suggests checking into the CCrane Company. It may be that an Internet radio is a better option since most radio stations stream online these days. He can get just about any radio station in the world over the Internet.

Watch Morris from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Morris clicked on a link from an email that got sent to him, but Firefox won't let it open. Leo says that's a security feature designed to protect him from being taken over by hackers. Leo says that it's likely that Morris may have gotten lured by a bad email and Firefox saved him from it. Leo says it can be disabled, but it protects him and is for his own good.

Watch Pablo from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Pablo wants to have a single spreadsheet that can be accessed by multiple people. Leo says that's tough because Excel doesn't know which version to save and which to ignore. Google Docs is a good option because it offers version locking.

Office 365 is Microsoft's new online version and Excel can work that way. He can buy the Personal or Business version.