What are the best computer speakers?

Episode 1043 (46:31)

Chris from Lakewood, CA

Chris wants some good quality computer speakers, and is wondering if Bose speakers would be worth it. They don't have a subwoofer, though. What does Leo recommend? Leo says that computer speakers are tiny by design and a small speaker isn't going to give him much bass. That's what the subwoofer is for.

Leo suggests a good three way speaker system with a subwoofer. CNET has a great roundup of the best PC speakers and they recommend AudioEngines. This doesn't come with a subwoofer either, but AudioEngines does make a great subwoofer as well. It's not cheap, though.

What about Bose? Bose has gotten more marketing-oriented over the last few years and their quality has suffered to the point that Leo doesn't consider them a main line brand anymore.