Privacy Was the Topic of the Year

Episode 1043 (01:03)

As 2013 comes to a close, Leo says that privacy, or the loss of it, should be viewed as the topic of the year. As the NSA has spread its reach further into our lives, even the major tech companies have taken out a huge ad campaign to say "stop spying on us." But there's also some nice things about a lack of privacy. Google has created Auto-Awesome Movies, a year end movie of all the photos posted to Google Plus. Leo says it's a great document to show the year, but it's also a horrendous invasion of privacy.

Leo does say, however, that there should be a very clear presentation about what information will be collected about you and how it will be used. And users should always be allowed to opt out. Google does that, but Facebook doesn't. Leo says that Facebook is going to lose some of it's clout. Facebook has taken a wrong turn this year, while Google has taken a right turn. Leo thinks Facebook will suffer from it in 2014.