Dick DeBartolo

Episode 1043 (1:59:32)

If you want a fun, cheap game for New Year's Eve, The Giz Wiz says that Spinmaster's Boom Boom Balloon is a great game. Blow up one of the included balloons and put it into the Boom Boom frame. Then roll the die to see how many sticks you need to click before your turn is over. You can push one stick in multiple times, or several sticks once to equal the number you rolled on the die. Everyone gets excited as they watch the balloon change shape as it gets closer and closer to bursting. The first person to pop the balloon loses the game. Boom Boom Balloon comes with 12 balloons, 10 sticks, a die and an easy-to-assemble frame. Cost is under $15 and free shipping if you're an Amazon Prime member.